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PPE Passport Series

The PPE Passport Series is designed to guide our scholars through each step of the college admission process.  Part of this process is equipping them with the tools necessary, such as writing classes and interviewing techniques, to obtain scholarship funding and grants that match their goals and objectives. 


Men of Steel X Simply a Young Lady

This combined event brings together our PPE Scholars in a multi-day conference that provides all the benefits our Simply a Young Lady with No Apologies conference and our Men of Steel conference. They come together to celebrate their scholarly success. achievements and growth as ladies and gentlemen.

Simply A Young Lady with No Apologies

Pure Potential Enterprises sponsors the “Simply A Young Lady, With No Apologies” empowerment conference. The conference objective is to instruct young women on the importance of carrying themselves with elegance and self-respect and to equip them with the knowledge and motivation to do so in a society that constantly reinforces negative images of women. 



Parent Workshops

PPE extends its services through parental workshop on how to allocate funding for scholars planning to continue their education on a collegiate level through partnerships with local churches and community based organizations.  Focus areas include FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), types of financial aid, scholarships, loans, definitions of frequently used terms, and timelines.

Men of Steel

Our Men of Steel: Youth Empowerment Conferences are multi-day events that includes a series of workshops to discuss ways to organize and enact real change through enhancing leadership skills, building self-esteem and developing more holistic youth.  We provide an opportunity where all students have access to the opportunities, skills, resources and relationships they need to actualize their potential. Students leave the conference inspired, hopeful, and committed to the cause of excellence.

GAP Scholarships

Annual Pure Potential Enterprises award it’s students GAP Scholarship to assist with the expenses associated with the decision to continue with their educational aspirations. 

Cup Cakes and Cocktails

Cupcakes and Cocktails is one of our many fundraiser events that allows the community to contribute to the mission of PPE while having a great time. We provide music entertainment, and auction off fabulous items to which the proceeds go back into the organization.


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