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Who we are:

Founded in 2008, Pure Potential Enterprises was founded to serve as a bridge to decrease the opportunity gap that exists within our community, negatively effecting the disenfranchised and under-served youth. The organization focuses on the whole child, acting as a support system to address the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of our scholars. We believe in their dreams, we assist them in reshaping a dream into a vision, and from a vision to an achievable goal.  When children and teens enter our doors, we consider each one of them a PPE Scholar. Our goal, is to help each scholar become the best version of themselves as we prepare and guide them on their journey to higher education. 

What we do:

College admissions to top colleges and universities have become increasingly competitive. In fact, a good academic record and excellent test scores no longer guarantee acceptance into top colleges. Now, it is essential that each student’s particular strengths and interests are fully assessed and matched with the right college.


Enter Pure Potential Enterprises, directed by Phyllis Coley. With our program, you will get to work with our experienced staff members. We have firsthand knowledge of college life, selection process, recruiting and marketing strategies of colleges and universities. We will fine tune the college application process, find the right school for you, construct a great essay, help you fill out college application. 


Rest assured that with Pure Potential Enterprises, you will be able to save your senior year for the things that really matter.


How we do it:

Each participant is expected to take part in the age appropriate activities designed as part of the program. For the younger scholars, these events focus on building confidence, good character, and self respect. They have a window into the older scholars process that allows them to begin envisioning their journeys to higher education, and it allows the older scholars to take a mentoring role, understanding the concept of having a responsibility to those who look up to them. 

For the scholars preparing for their transition to college:

  • They will work hand in hand with Pure Potential’s President and senior executives on preparing a personalized college plan to meet their needs

  • We will meticulously polish their resume(s), refine their college essay(s), and build timelines to avoid tight deadlines

  • We will identify colleges that would provide the best academic and campus experiences for them

  • We will provide an individualized college list for which would provide the best experience and identify the academic program and campus setting for them.

  • We will work diligently to minimize the stress of the college admission process.

No matter the age of the scholar at entrance, should they take full advantage of the program, the outcome will be a successful transition into college with the opportunity to apply for financial resources to ease the financial burden of higher education.  

We welcome you to become a dedicated scholar with Pure Potential Enterprises, Inc.


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